About the Author
Those that are close to her and
know her life, say she is gifted
as a prophetess and Intuitive.
She receives visions and
messages from the Lord.


Delilah was one of the six children born to Lloyd & Virginia Leisner in the 1950's, She is an artist, writer, wife and the mother of three son's. On April 18th 1974 the creator of the universe confronted her with an alternative to the abuse and misery she was enduring--for a better life.
Accepting God's terms, she committed her life to Jesus Christ and found herself the recipient of divine visitations, messages and visions. Teaching Sunday school, teen classes and a women's group. She was continually guided by the Lord with lessons and illustrations. She became a free lance artist, painting murals on vans, motorcycles and guitars.
In 1987 under the unction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dee and her friend Ann, co-authored a K-12 EMOTIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT CURRICULUM, which put a halt to the state mandated curriculum in the schools in the town where she lived.
In 1998 under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Dee cartooned out a book depicting many of the abominations in our government and its need to change. Copies were sent to the senate during the Clinton impeachment trial.
1999 Dee had a Art Exhibit featuring inspired paintings from the Heart of God. Unlike most artists, Dee has had no formal art training, but is given instructions and inspiration during her morning prayer time.
"My only ambition is to help people find the truth and get closer to the Lord.
Nothing else carries such weight of importance or urgency in my spirit.
There are too many broken lives that need mending,
and I desire to lead them to the one who can help."
Dee Landerman