....move over Maharishi

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132 pages

True Life Experience

4 full-color photo pages

48 Illustrations

Divine Messages and Visions

A journey into the other dimension
. . . exposing the source of all
mystical power.

Take a journey through the life of Dee Landerman, an ordinary housewife catapulted into the unknown. For over twenty-five years she has walked with one foot in the other dimension experiencing visions, apparitions, and visits from the divine. Endowed with a supernatural ability to see into a person's life and the spirit world, she experienced first hand where the departed go and reveals what lies ahead. She shares her life openly with you, with the intent to give answers and direction for you to find power, peace and acceptance in your own life. Dee reveals the 'Heart Of God' about organized religion and today's churches, sharing God's concerns and desires for America and the world.

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