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Bottom of page: Murals for sale, Contact, and Payment information.
Each mural is custom painted to your specifications, no two are alike.


Heavens Rain
customized to fit your church.
"Heavens Rain"
"Release of the Holy Spirit"
Painted on canvas and shipped.
*A finished Mural for Sale at bottom of page.

Painted on the wall - Maryland USA
Christ International Ministries, MD, 12' H X 20' W

"God Pours Out His Spirit Upon All Flesh"
Click on above mural to see Apostle Victor Godman's Palm Sunday service.

This is My Beloved Son
7' High X 12' Wide

"This is My Beloved Son"
Most murals are finished within a week.  Nothing is painted without seeking His guidance through the entire process.   I'm but an empty vessel, a glove presented to the hand of God, the Master Artist of the universe, and to be used for His glory. 
 Working with vigor to achieve quality work.
Using water acrylic house paint.
 There are size limitations when a mural is painted on canvas and shipped.
Wall paper paste is used to adhere to your wall - instructions are included. 

Worship in the River - 4' high X 8 'wide
This type of mural costs more because of all the fugures

Above Mural  "Worship in the River" 


8 x 18' wall - Angels at Eureka Springs
Crossing Over

"Jesus; God of Color"
Each Mural Painted to Your Specifications


3 Doves

3 Doves symbolic of the Holy
Spirit Flying Over the congregation.

Light House - Bee Be AR
40' Across by 20' High

Light House Church 40' across X 20' High
BeeBe AR

Themes are only limited by your imagination. Magazines, children's books, 
calendars and greeting cards will help give you inspiration for murals.
There's always joy in painting a church mural,
whether behind the pulpit or in the nursery.

Rejoice Christian Center, Richmond VA
22' X 12' - Click on to church link

2'X4' Created the illusion of Stain Glass windows
These will be framed to look like windows

Dove in stain Glass
will Customize to your specifications

Light House Ontario OR


Fast and Affordable Murals for Home, church, Business and Organizations.

Baptistry - Nursery - Game rooms

Easter - Mulberry AR - Oak Bower Church
( 1/3 of mural not shown)

10' hight X 15' wide part of a 90' Boardwalk mural
Ship Dock - S.C.

Reaching Hands of Love
4' X 6' painted on canvas and shipped

Each Mural is customized to your specifications

"Heavens Gate"
Painted on canvas and shipped

Jesus in Jordon
5' X 7' high , painted on canvas and shipped

Painted on 3 canvas panels: 13 FT high 24 FT wide
North Carolina

Part of the WINTER CABIN with Widler
8' X 20' Painted on Motel Room wall

Return of Christ
Kenosha Wisconsin


Please email me and be specific about the size and subject  for an accurate quote.

Stain Glass with Dove & Reaching hands

Murals painted on canvas and shipped

or, at your church with the assistance of one or two of your flock! 

Great opportunity for artistic persons to learn mural painting!

 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Release of the Holy Spirit
6 ft high x 6ft 10 inches wide
"Release of the Holy Spirit"
Sale price $795.
Ready to hang up!

Murals For Sale Below:
Total price with NO hidden fee's & Free shipping in USA.
Painted on double primed canvas, sealed and ready to hang in your church!

AIR BRUSHED 55 inches high X 48 inches wide

“Praying Hands”

Sale - $450.


55” high X 48” Wide(4’)

*with extra canvas all the way around for re-framing.

The Hands shimmer with Heavenly rays of light when we pray in faith.

 Air-brushed on primed canvas with acrylic embellishment, with thick patches of texturing.

 Actual value $1,250.00


Prayer Garden
6 ft high X 4ft wide


Sale - $199.



* with extra canvas all the way around for re-framing.

A reminder that we’re never alone.

Whenever we cry out to God in faith, He responds as we meet with the Lord in his secret place. Comforted by Heavens Angel, and White Dove flying overhead – symbolic of the Presence of His Holy Spirit.

The Mural will be removed from its frame because of size, and shipped rolled up.

It’s a wrap-around Canvas, so you have the choice of putting it on another frame, or directly on the wall.

Actual Value $895.00

"Heavens Rain" 

7' High X 4' 8 Wide 
Sale - $450.

Was $695.

Heavens Rain
7' High X 4' 8
Contact Information:
HOME/Business Phone: 479 253-8264
 Mural inquiries ONLY!
Thank you!

email question - Click On

COST is determined by Size and detail in the mural. Scenery with a Dove will cost less than a mural with figures or hands: The price increases as more figures are added.

To order a Custom Painted mural on Canvas contact me with the SIZE & DESCRIPTION of what you want painted.
The total price has NO hidden fees - You can pay with check or M.O.
The Mural is started after payment is received. Finished mural will be emailed to you for critiquing and approval, usually within a week or two, depending on project.
Once you approve it - the mural will be sealed with a mini-wax, rolled up and shipped out the following week day.
Many churches have their mural up within two weeks of payment.

"A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold." Proverbs 22:1

As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, honest communication is important. Check my reference page for references, and feel free to ask for more names & numbers of pastors. If you send a check for the mural, it won't be cashed until the mural has been, painted, approved, sealed and shipped!
Mike Huckabee & Dee
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