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Custom Dummies

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Custom Dummy's Made from Scratch in two weeks.
A Simple/Small Dummy - Prices begin at $495. Plus Shipping.
Life-size adult Dummy - Prices begin at $895. Plus Shipping.

Elvis, Scampers & Walter White

One of-a-kind Dummy by dee

Breaking Bad - Walter White Dummy $495. Plus shipping

Inspired from the Breaking Bad series. I began making Walter White by using a rubber mask and painstakingly creating a semi-solid head, with his piecing eyes! He is a life-size flexible dummy that bends at the joints, and has a movable head just like a human body. I made the hands with wires inside for bendable fingers. He will arrive wearing what is seen on him.


Custom Dummies - Made to order

Elvis is SOLD
CLICK-On picture to enlarge
ELVIS - 6'2" Tall - 40" chest - 32" Waist - 32" Hips
I love a creative challenge!
Scampers $395. each - only 3 left!
4' tall flexible bodies
Scampers are all-around Fun! But be careful not to leave them alone. $395. Each - only 3 left!


It would be awesome to meet President Donald Trump.
Until then, this will have to do.
2 of the 3 Trump Dummies
Donald & Dee
There are three Donald Trump look-alikes somewhere in America☺!


Have you got an idea but need someone to create it?
Cost depends on the individual project.

James Dean and Sal Mineo

A variety of methods are used to achieve the finished product. Dummies are well made with blending joints, moving head and flexible hands and takes 2 to 4 weeks to finish. Two Photos show a finished, Weekend at Bernie's dummy. Some of the process used was from my book - "DEE'S GUIDE TO BODY BUILDING". Most of the work/time is spent making the head. A dummy is light-weight, between 9 - 14 .
Tyrone Power
Weekend at Bernies Dummy with friends
Bernie & friend
custom made head of Bernie

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