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Truly God-sent. We have never seen anyone so gifted a painter as Dee. She came to us, we told her what we wanted and she painted the mural with such ease. Everyone who has seen it, says its' absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.May God continue to use her as we know that He will. 
Pastor and 1st Lady Fountain
Rejoice Christian Center
Richmond VA

"I would highly recommend Dee Landerman to anyone wanting a mural painted. We have a two million dollar complex and 75% of the compliments on our facility are about the mural she painted in our auditorium"

Dr. Johm Scheel, Pastor

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church

Beebe AR


Dee is one of the most gifted and talented artists I have ever known. She worked day and night at a steady pace to get the "VERY BIG" murals finished in our new building.

We are so grateful for her hard work and dedication to make sure our children's worship area will be a fun and exciting place to worship!

Pam Thornton

Awana Commander

Cornerstone Baptist Church



We the congregation of the "Oak Bower Christian Center" found it wonderful. exciting and spiritual. Dee is very gifted in her paintings skills, as well as spiritually gifted.

Oak Bower Christian Center

Oak Bower Road

(479) 997-2561

(the following is for a Shipped Canvas mural:

Hi Dee, Just wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time for the Pastor and Wife's appreciation program. The mural was a tremendous hit; actually it was breath-taking and it just brought everything together.  We can't thank you enough. The Pastor's wife wants to take the mural home, but we won't let her. We want to keep it in the sanctuary. I hope to have pictures that I can send to you. Until then, be blessed.


 P.S. This project has touched so many people. I have a co-worker who wants to use the mural for her screen saver.


Dee is a wonderfully gifted Christian artist. Her ministry and giftedness go beyond paint and canvas. She is spiritually interested in allowing God to work through her so that her gift and ability bring honor and glory to God.

Dr. Joe Giaritelli

Lawndale Baptist Church

Greensboro, NC

3 removable canvas panels
Lawndale Baptist Church - click on for info.

Artist/Author Delilah Landerman


Dee's Art Services
18 Table Rock Drive
Holiday Island AR
Phone: (479) 253-8264 

 e-mail Dee at:


How to order:
 a Custom Painted mural on Canvas.
After contacting me with a description of what you want painted,
and have been given the total price.
I will send you a payPal invoice 
 (unless you are in no hurry and mail the check or M.O)
As soon as you have made the payment, I will begin the mural.
And, email it to you for critiquing or approval within a few days.
Once you approved it - it will be sealed with a mini-wax.
It will be shipped out the following days.
Most customers will receive their mural within a week of payment!

It's a "first come  -  first serve" basis with my schedule.

To have a mural painted on site:

1. Contact me to discuss your project

2. Arrange Round-trip plane tickets - departing from, and returning to the XNA airport in AR. (unless it's within a 6 hour driving distance)

3. Email me the itinerary

4. Arrange for my transportation from, and back to your Airport.

5. Arrange for my accommodations ( just as you would for a friend or family) - preferably near the mural site.

Its that simple!

We will discuss everything you need to do, to prepare for the mural/murals, and pick-up supplies after i arrive - if it has not already done