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Rubbing Elbows/References

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Since committing my heart and life in obedience to Jesus Christ of April 1974, He has made it a whirlwind adventure!

Whoever said the Christian Life is boring, is absolutely WRONG! There is no greater thrill then taking the high road of unexpected joys! You can never go wrong by choosing Jesus!

Below: Dan Haggerty while filming in Eureka Springs.
Both Dan Gene died in 2016 and same age.

Dee with Dan Haggerty

Gene Edwards - Grizzly Adams
Cousin Gene - Stunt Man for Dan.

Carman, Dee and Sherry Morris

As a Morningside Volunteer, I 've had the great privilege of becoming friends with Jim Bakker, Lori, and their children. It was a pleasure to be around them as they made me feel like family!=-^ )

Back at Morningside with Jim!
Life is Fun - Enjoy it!

Dino - Sing unto the Lord!
Dino and dee
Music fills the Halls & Hearts

Mike Huckabee & Dee
Great Guy & Friend!

K8 News - Jonesboro AR
TV interview for my 1st Book.

Phil Driscol & Dee

Mark Gungor

Chosen By God!
"Restoring America"
PLEASE PRAY FOR Donald Trump:"Father God we come to You our Lord and Creator. Father, we ask You to fill your son Donald with Your Holy Spirit, giving him wisdom, daily guidance, a love for Israel and unborn children. Give him clarity and direction for every day and situation. Make him strong against the face of the enemy. And the keep your hand of protection on him and his family throughout the years. In Jesus Name we pray, ask and Believe, Amen & Amen. Thank you Lord!"

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God will Purge Washington!
Inspired Cartoon - 1998

Never give up! Follow your dream as you obey the Lord. Expect great things in your life, God will do the impossible when you trust in Jesus Christ and obey God!



Truly God-sent. We have never seen anyone so gifted a painter as Dee. She came to us, we told her what we wanted and she painted the mural with such ease. Everyone who has seen it, says its' absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. May God continue to use her as we know that He will.

Pastor Gerald and 1st Lady Dorothy Fountain

Rejoice Christian Center - Richmond VA


"I would highly recommend Dee Landerman to anyone wanting a mural painted. We have a two million dollar complex and 75% of the compliments on our facility are about the mural she painted in our auditorium"

Dr. Johm Scheel, Pastor

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church - Beebe AR


Dee is one of the most gifted and talented artists I have ever known. She worked day and night at a steady pace to get the "VERY BIG" murals finished in our new building.

We are so grateful for her hard work and dedication to make sure our children's worship area will be a fun and exciting place to worship!

Pam Thornton

Awana Commander - Cornerstone Baptist Church - S.C.


We the congregation of the "Oak Bower Christian Center" found it wonderful. exciting and spiritual. Dee is very gifted in her paintings skills, as well as spiritually gifted.

Oak Bower Christian Center - Oak Bower Road AR


Hi Dee, Just wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time for the Pastor and Wife's appreciation program. The mural was a tremendous hit; actually it was breath-taking and it just brought everything together. We can't thank you enough. The Pastor's wife wants to take the mural home, but we won't let her. We want to keep it in the sanctuary. I hope to have pictures that I can send to you. Until then, be blessed. O'Dell

P.S. This project has touched so many people. I have a co-worker who wants to use the mural for her screen saver.


Dee is a wonderfully gifted Christian artist. Her ministry and giftedness go beyond paint and canvas. She is spiritually interested in allowing God to work through her so that her gift and ability bring honor and glory to God.

Dr. Joe Giaritelli

Lawndale Baptist Church - Greensboro, NC

In Honor of Michael Leisner,Beloved brother, father, husband,servant and child of the most high God.
Mike Leisner - Servant of God
Bold in truth!
Mike trusted God and smiled through adversity, and loved God with all his heart. He was deeply devoted to his wife and children. Interceding in prayer for each of them daily - along with many others. Mike's heart was set on pleasing God, and he did his best. Mike was so zealous in pursuit of saving souls and preaching the gospel, that he sometimes overstepped what a polite society would call normal boundaries. He had a strong personality, but a stronger grasp on the gospel, and truth it embodied! Mike's answer to any problem was a resounding; Pray & Fast! He not only said it, but he lived it by example. Besides fasting on little more than water for forty days at a time, in 2011 he fasted 70 days. God always answered in phenomenal ways. Miracles were a regular happening in his family.

For as long as I can remember, Mike ministered to countless people. Mike's family opened up their home for regular worship meetings, inviting amazing speakers. Over a hundred people show up for one of their prayer meetings. Worship and meals were commonplace at the Leisner home. Mike loved giving and sharing, but more than that, he loved people and wanted them to know Jesus! The day before he left this life for a better one, he was by the road shaking hands with a road crew and ministered to them with his trade-mark smile!

There are hundreds of ugly, ludicrous blogs and articles written by those who don't know my brother Mike. They post awful photos to make him look ridiculous. There are some web-pages that are nothing less than depraved filth by ignorant, unscrupulous morons. But this I know, God will call each one of them into accountability.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay! But, as depraved as those authors of lies are, there is still room at the cross for each one of them, if they choose to repent, and I have no doubt, it would make Mike extremely happy if they did! Mike's life and death have not been in vain. The sparks of his zeal continue to ignite fires of the gospel everywhere. He has been an example of steadfast faith, endurance and undying trust in God. Mike never backed away from any confrontation but let it become an opportunity to stand for Christ Jesus and the Word of God!
It's has been an honor to be part of his life!