ART SERVICES by Dee Landerman

Tuscany Set at Jim Bakker Show

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Art Work at Morningside for Jim Bakker
Jim Bakker and Dee Landerman
Finished Set for Jim Bakker
Thank You Jesus for This honor!

This page contains some of the Art-work i was privileged to do as a volunteer for Jim Bakker. Jim asked me to help him redesign his stage/set into a Tuscany Villa Courtyard! He had no idea that was a secret desire of my Heart! The Holy Spirit gave me the idea for the tunnel, staircase, balcony, window shutters and planters, foe brick and foliage in the tunnel. The Lord helped me to paint foe marble way above the pillars, make grape vines and other decor. It was a great joy to help design the Tuscany set! God is so good! (Since then it's been changed and painted over)

Finished Tuscany Courtyard 2014
Jim Bakker Set


Inside the Tunnel
Foe Patio Rocks on the entire floor of the tunnel.

Painting the murals inside of the tunnel to give it aesthetic beauty and dimension was challenging, but great fun! The patio rocks painted on the Tunnel floor went right into the Tuscan village.
I hope Jim's guests enjoyed making their entrance through the tunnel!

Mural Inside the Tunnel
There's a CROSS painted off in the distance/

To the Left of the stage

The stage has been re-painted, vines taken down, bricks & patio stones painted over. But I thank God that the staircase, balcony, tunnel and other creative implements are still there!
Various projects
Hand-made Papier-Machee` planter & vines.
The very first thing I painted for Jim was the Giant Bells that hung in the Bell tower over Morningside. Next were the Murals in the Nursery, the corner wall, the Brick walls in the Hard-Rock Café. The Train Engine and ticket booths, the marble pillars in the Chapel, store, and the Wall of Prayer Frame.
Painting Foe Theather
Den (husband) made the Foe Light Billboard Frame

Years ago Jim asked me to paint patio stones over the entire 8,500 sq. feet concrete floor. And, with the help of a couple others, including Dane a faithful employee and friend, the floor was painted. I was happy to do this as the Bible says: "Whatsoever you do, do as unto the Lord."

First Hall Floor Painted
Marble & Patio Stone painted floor
took almost 2 months
Corner wall Art work
Email your questions to dee.
Masters Kids

Dome village The Holy Spirit lead me to create
Complete with Street lights and people!

Night Visions of Hands
God gave me the HANDS
Some years ago, three times in the night I awoke to a visions of hands holding; 1st a paper bag, 2nd a cardboard box, 3rd a round ceramic white dish. The following morning the Spirit of God Had infused within me the instructions to create a “Miniature Dome Village.” I started immediately and worked fervently for two months until the Village was finished. Including street lights and people! When I asked the Lord what to do with it, He instantly responded: “Give it to Jim Bakker”

This was a gift to Jim