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Willie and President Trump
President SOLD. - - Willie $1,500.00


Presently the BIKER dummies are Not for sale, as they might be used in the Movie `UTOPIA`.

Custom Dummy's Made from Scratch in two or three weeks.
A Simple/Small Dummy - Prices begin at $299. Plus Shipping.
Life-size adult Dummy - Prices begin at $895. Plus Shipping.
All types of Dummies
From $299. - $1,200.
Body is well made held together with 20 Gauge wires throughout. Painted flesh colored rubber hands Heads are made from scratch, or starting with a rubber mask or plaster life-casting. Then the long meticulous process, finally painted & embedded eyes. Lastly, created a neck and head into shape with paper-mâché and wood filler. Hair from several wigs to make a hairdo. Bungee cord inside the head attaches to the body and head can move around into positions. Jack Nicholson started with a plaster life-cast face.


I love a creative challenge!
Example of creative ideas.
Scampers are all-around Fun! But be careful not to leave them alone!


Have you got an idea but need someone to create it?
Cost depends on the individual project.

James Dean and Sal Mineo

A variety of methods are used to achieve the finished product. Dummies are well made with blending joints, moving head and flexible hands and takes 2 to 4 weeks to finish. Two Photos show a finished, Weekend at Bernie's dummy. Some of the process used was from my book - "DEE'S GUIDE TO BODY BUILDING". Most of the work/time is spent making the head. A dummy is light-weight, between 9 - 14 .
Tyrone Power
Weekend at Bernies Dummy with friends
Bernie & friend
custom made head of Bernie

You Tube - Dummy Making


Clown Dummy Below
Never saw the movie, but guess that this was once a normal man whose face became mutilated, and, his life turned for the worst. It was actually a fun and challenging project because i wanted to make the inside of the mouth as realistic as possible, and with the Lord's help, achieved that!

Custom Clown
This was a fun project!

BOOK; Step-by-Step details HOW TO make Life-Size Dummies and Dolls pictured on the cover and more:

Flexible, Outdoor, Weighted Dummies, Dress Forms, Life-castings. 

$25. + $7. Priority Shipping = $32
Dummy Making Book
$25. + $7. Priority Shipping = $32.

Back Cover
Dummy's are shown how to make inside!


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